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Gaelic is the sole language spoken in Fàs Mòr by all staff, with the provison that English may be used to settle children in and to give instructions in matters affecting health and safety.

Children will be encouraged from the beginning to express themselves fully to staff and to each other in any language they wish. They will acquire an understanding of Gaelic largely through being immersed in it, through hearing it spoken while they are doing their day-to-day activities.


Comann nam Pàrant provides further information on Gaelic and bringing children up bilingually and a variety of resources and useful linkscan be found on the Gaelic4Parents website.


Parents said:

'We are very happy with Fas Mor and the way it has introduced Gaelic into our family.'

'My son's abilities to now sing, count and understand Gaelic are impressive in such a short space of time.'

Fàs Mòr is registered with the SCSWIS, the registration and inspection body for children and young people’s services in Scotland, registration number SC2003052372.   Registered as a charity in Scotland, SC036011 and company limited by guarantee Company No SC263270

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