Per Hour

After School Club



Early Booking Rate


Flexible Rate 

5 - 12 years 




Half-hourly rates do not apply and bookings are only accepted on the hour ie 9.00-10.00am and not 9.15-10.15am.


Fees are payable at the full rate for the hours your child is booked in, even if they are dropped-off late or collected early.


We reserve the right to change the fees but will endeavour to consult with parents and give them at least one month’s notice period.


Pre Registration Visits & Registration

Fàs Mòr encourages parents/carers, with their child(ren) to visit the centre before completing the registration process. It may help your child settle in if they visit the centre prior to their attending; this should relieve any anxieties/concerns the child will have. Visiting the centre prior to completing the registration process does not in any way commit you to registration and uptake of a place. Please telephone the centre and speak to the Manager about arranging a pre-registration visit.


Due to the limited number of places available, it is advisable to book a place for your child well in advance. We now take block bookings of three months and these are charged at the 'Early Booking Rate'. These bookings must be made by the 15th of the previous month at the latest. Last minute bookings will be accepted if space is available but will be charged at the 'Flexible Rate'. 


When booking, please ensure you give the staff the times for when your child will both arrive and leave. We only accept bookings on the hour and do not offer half hourly rates.


Fàs Mòr implement a waiting list for places and priority will be given to full-time long-term bookings.

Booking a Place for your Child

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday

The centre is open from 8.45am to 5.00pm.

After School Club

The After School Club operates from 3.15pm to 5.00pm during term time, and from 8.45am to 5.00pm during school holidays and in-service days (except for the Christmas holiday period, when we close). 



All parents/guardians are responsible for the delivery and collection of children. Please note that due to staff ratios, punctuality is essential. Therefore if a child is collected more than 5 minutes after the end of session, you will be charged for that hour (at the flexible rate).

Delivery/Collection of Children



If your child is booked into Fàs Mòr it is important that you notify us that they are going to be absent. Absences will be charged at the child's usual rate.  If it is a long-term illness (lasting longer than two weeks) this will be charged at a half-price rate.



An invoice will be raised in advance for each month and payment should be made by cash, cheque or BACS within 7 days.


Fees are payable at the full rate for the hours that your child is booked in for, even if they are dropped off late or collected early.


We will make very effort to maintain a full day care service, but on some occasions, circumstances arise which may lead to disruptions. The facility may be affected by severe weather conditions or power failures. In such circumstances we will do all we can to let you know.

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